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Thunderbird Email is an effective as well as efficient email platform which provides the users with various kinds of features. Using this email, the users get the options of chats, emails, news feeds, and a lot more. Mozilla Thunderbird email has been used worldwide by several users for their personal as well as their professional needs. This email service is highly capable of keeping track of the users' messages and is also modeled after the Mozilla Firefox browser. Thunderbird email is highly compatible with Windows 7 or more, Linux, OS X 10.9 and is also available in around 56 languages. While working on this email, the user comes across certain issues. One common problem which the users encounter is when they forget the password of their email account. This is an issue which any user would come across while working on an email. When the users face the issue of not being able to access their email account as they have forgotten their password, the best option which the users would have is to Thunderbird Email Password reset. The users can easily get this done by following some elementary steps. The users also have the option of connecting with the customer care executives to learn more about the process of resetting the password.

Features of Thunderbird email:

The best and the utmost feature of Thunderbird is that it provides you with a trouble-free experience. Not only this, the email service consists of some excellent features which will flabbergast you. Here is a quick look at some of the features of Thunderbird email:

  • Compatible across different systems: One of the most amazing features of this software is that it can run across multiple platforms and you can use it in different operating systems
  • Tabbed Email: Tabbed emails allow you to load emails in different tabs, which makes it easier for you to jump between them. When you exit Thunderbird, the tabs that are visible will be saved and restored when you open Thunderbird next time
  • Auto Updates: You don’t have to worry about updating your software manually, it will automatically update, and your work is sorted
  • Add a personal touch: You can make your email more personalized by adding a personal touch such as you can opt for various themes, colors according to your style.
  • Robust privacy: Remote images are automatically blocked by Thunderbird to ensure privacy, and it also supports ‘Do Not Track’ option
  • One click address book: You can add people easily just by clicking on the star icon in the message you receive.
  • Ensures security: Thunderbird ensures your security and protects you with 256-bit encryption and filter software
  • Archives: You can remove your email from the inbox without deleting it. You can archive them so that you can use it for future purpose.

Common issues with Thunderbird Email:

Mozilla Thunderbird is designed to help users manage different email accounts and access their message on a single platform. Since most people who use Thunderbird use it for business and to connect with clients and associates, it is very important that the service runs smoothly since it can adversely affect work productivity. However, as with any software or internet service, there are a couple of technical glitches that can make it difficult to access your Thunderbird account. Here are a couple of common issues you may encounter with Thunderbird email:

  • Users find it difficult to sign in to their Thunderbird account.
  • Thunderbird login page takes a lot of time to load on the browser.
  • Did not receive the security code to recover Thunderbird email password.
  • Auto-correct features do not work while composing new emails.
  • Unable to download email attachments on Thunderbird Email.
  • Certain emails are automatically sent to spam folders.
  • Could not sync Thunderbird on a mobile phone.
  • Cannot update personal details on Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird email filters not working.
  • Server setting error prevents users from downloading new emails.
  • Cannot personalize email folder on Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird email service crashes or freezes without warning.

Some of the issues mentioned above are probably caused because of minor browser errors or network problems. However, there are times when you may encounter a more serious error, such as a security breach, on your Thunderbird account. You can call the Mozilla Thunderbird customer care number and consult a professional email expert to resolve any error or issue you may encounter on Thunderbird.


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Why should you opt for Thunderbird customer care?

Wouldn’t it be great if you would get complete assistance for Thunderbird email? No matter what the concern is, by communicating with the proficient techies, the users would get instantaneous solutions. Be it about Thunderbird password reset, malfunctions with the web browser, not able to sign in to the email service, complications in creating an account or more. One can avail suitable guidance at the customer support for the predicaments that they are facing. Worried people can get in touch with the professionals via calls, emails, or live chats. The connoisseurs are diligent and resourceful to help you out in any situation. The situation where the users worry a lot is when they forget Thunderbird email password, but with the customer support service available, the reason to worry vanishes away. Have a word with the techies at any time and resolve the errors at any time.

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