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Forgot AOL Email password

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AOL Email is the free webmail service provided by AOL Inc. American Online Company also provides mobile application, dial-up services and web portal and browser last but not the least email service. All the services and applications provided by AOL is widely used by the people and has gained the confidence of users which has increased its customer base. While accessing the AOL webmail users most of the time faces some complications like they forget AOL email password or they are unable to send or receive emails, which has the tendency to hamper your work. These issues can be fixed easily by getting in touch with customer care.

How to retrieve AOL password

What would you do if you forget the account password of AOL? How will you recover from it? These are the some of the questions which can make users puzzled. This blog will help all those perplexed customers to retrieve their password easily.

Solution: resetting your Password

  • Step 1: Open the official AOL Email login page
  • Step 2: After entering the Username, click next
  • Step 3: Now choose ‘Forgot Password’ from the page that opens
  • Step 4: Re-enter the username and then by following three ways you can reset the password

Method 1: Using the Phone number

  • Enter the mobile number associated with your account and enter next to continue
  • A verification code will be sent in order to verify your identity.
  • And the window for creating a new password will be opened. Just enter the new password and click next.
  • Method 2: Using the alternate Email address

    • You need to write alternate email address linked with your account to receive a verification code.
    • You need to write alternate email address linked with your account to receive a verification code.

    Method 3: Security Question.

    • After choosing this option from the drop list, you have to answer the security question which is entered by you at the time of sign-up
    • Follow the onscreen instruction to create a new password.

    The process to reset AOL Email password is easy and can be successfully done by laymen also. All you need is to complete the troubleshooting steps in the sequence they are given. If you find it difficult to follow the guidelines then just reach out to proficient professional for their guidance.


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